Mortgage Protection

Life and Critical Illness Protection is the most popular protection policy. The death of a partner is a devastating event for any family, but it could be made worse if you are left in a financially challenging situation.

Life protection plans are at the centre of all risk planning, and this is the minimum you should have for your family.

Cancer, heart attacks and strokes are the most common critical illnesses in the UK. The good news is that the survival rate is very high, and many people make a full recovery, but during the illness and treatment they are often unable to work, and the family can fall into huge financial difficulties.

We are protection specialists with a combined 34 years’ experience and can access range of providers who can offer all types of policies to fit your budget.

Home Insurance

Whether you’re purchasing a 1-bedroom flat or 4 bed detached, you’ll need to ensure you have buildings insurance in place to pay for any necessary repairs, should your home suffer any damage.

Depending on your lender and your circumstances, buildings insurance is usually a condition of your mortgage. We can help you facilitate your buildings and contents insurance to ensure everything is in place before you get the keys to your dream home.

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